Thermo-lifting without scalpel

Thermo-lifting thightens your face

Ages takes its toll and leaves its footprints. The body fails to produce its collagen as fast as it is being degraded. The skin starts to droop, loses elasticity and forms little wrinkles.

Good to know, that these aging symptoms can be cured efficiently without scalpel and scars.

In our foraesthetic LOUNGE in the center of Darmstadt we’re able to turn back the hands of time by performing thermo-lifting. The skin will be significantly tightened, rejuvenated and padded from the inside..

Thermo-lifting – the active principle

Radio frequency waves being conducted into the skin up to 8 mm heat up the connective tissue to 55 – 65 degrees Celsius. Thus, stimulation for the skin layers to produce new collagen. The impulses only last for one second. During the entire treatment the epidermis is being cooled and thus protected. In the following period of time subsequent to the treatment (3-6 months) the actual effect sets in. By such stimulation due to radio frequency technology the result is a three-dimensional tightening of the skin.

Sustainable skin tightening from tip to toe

It doesn’t matter whether your problem areas are rather in your face, at your thighs, your belly on your hands or arms. Here in Darmstadt we have the perfect adaptors to perform thermo-lifting at every bodily area. One single treatment already leads to a clearly visible rejuvenation which lasts in an average of 5 years.

A treatment during your lunch break


The intervention usually takes about two hours. After the treatment slight redness may occur for approximately half an hour. That’s one of the reasons why our thermo-lifting in Darmstadt is a perfect intervention for in-between, for after the treatment you’re immediately ready to go back into your daily routine.

Do stop by for a visit of our foraesthetic LOUNGE for an individual consultation on thermo-lifting in Darmstadt and be assured and persuaded of the gentle method.