Make unloved tattoos simply disappear – your safe tattoo removal

tattoo removal

Modified living conditions or a new perception of bodily aesthetics tend to stir a desire in a lot of people to have their tattoos removed.

By using lasers of the latest generation we are able to guarantee tattoo removal in our Darmstadt premises that proves to be gentle to your skin and that removes black as much as colored pigments without leaving scars. Notwithstanding if they have been tattooed by an amateur or a professional.

Our tattoo removal in Darmstadt minimizes the risk of so far commonly occurring side-effects such as the formation of unattractive scars.

And that’s how the treatment works

The Nd-YAG laser triggers quick laser light energy on nanosecond level. The light enters into the colored pigments deep within the epidermis and fragments the colorant into tiny little particles. Subsequently, these are being absorbed and removed by the bodily tissue cells.

An accompanying lymphodrainage at our foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt even enhances the degradation of destroyed particles to a maximum.

Step by step towards success

tattoo removal - how it works

Only in very rare cases a tattoo can be entirely removed during one consultation only. Especially those tattooed by professionals need several consultations in our Darmstadt premises in a time period of 4 – 6 weeks. The exact number of consultations depends on various factors and cannot be easily calculated beforehand. The duration of the treatment depends, for instance, on the applied color, type and depth of pigmentation, the tattoo’s quality as well as the reactivity of your bodily immune system. As individual the effort for the tattoo removal may be at the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt, as much varies its pricing. We elaborate your personal consultation schedule in close cooperation and, at the same time, establish a noncommittal and free-of-charge offer.

Go ahead and visit us in Darmstadt for your tattoo removal – we are looking forward to welcoming you!