With light impulses towards smooth skin – your permanent depilation

permanent depilation

If depilation seems to be a rather annoying issue for you, because conventional methods such as shaving, waxing or epilating is far too lavish for their effect is not long-lasting at all, then a treatment of permanent depilation in our premises in Darmstadt is your ideal solution.

By means of the gentle and particularly efficient Intense-Pulsed-Light-Method (IPL) we help you to wonderfully smooth skin. Permanently.

Our experts operate with Xenon flashlight which releases quick, highly energetic light impulses. As a consequence, hair follicles may be cauterized almost free of pain – and the hair growth will stop for good.

Minimum effort for maximum smooth success

Depending on what skin type you are, permanent depilation in our premises in Darmstadt needs an average of six to twelve consultations. One IPL treatment of the bikini area, the face or underneath the armpits requires 30 to 45 minutes. For belly, breast, legs or back we estimate approximately two hours.

Permanent depilation in our Darmstadt environment is everything but annoying. You can relax and/or listen to music.

For a smooth outcome

Most naturally an individual and detailed counseling interview prior to the treatment is a must. By analyzing your skin type we are able to practically exclude undesirable adverse effects. Let us already give you some valuable advice for the preparation to the treatment:

Two weeks before and after the consultation avoid tanning booths or direct sunlight. Discontinue medication, especially pain killers, at least 48 hours prior to consultation. (Please consult your physician beforehand for more information on this behalf).

Your new depilated life – let’s talk about it

If we have aroused your interest in permanent depilation in the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt, we gladly elaborate a free-of-charge noncommittal proposal – entirely custom-made for your individual needs and desires.