Our consultation for your nose-correction

Nose-correctionThe human nose shapes the complexion of the facial expression and has a major impact on the overall appearance. Who perceives its own nose as annoying, very often suffers from little self-esteem and thus strives for a correction. Nose corrections are amongst the most challenging surgical interventions in aesthetic surgery. It is all about forming and shaping the nose so that it fits perfectly into the face. In doing so, its character must not be entirely altered and by no means may surgery be visually too evident.

It is because of these high standards that we at the foraesthetic LOUNGE put an enormous emphasis on a detailed counseling interview with respect to your nose correction in Darmstadt.

It is here where you will be informed on everything you have to know before, during and after surgery in our cooperation clinic.

Prior to the nose correction – the counseling interview in Darmstadt

During your preparatory interview with respect to nose correction in Darmstadt we discuss your wishes and desires in all detail. There are almost no limits to nowadays correction opportunities.
You will get to know that you should not take any aspirin or other coagulating medication prior to surgery. If you smoke, for the benefit of a quick wound healing, you should quit smoking quite some time prior to surgery.

Beforehand you will of course be informed on all risks of a nose correction. Such risks are minimal with us, however, just as with every surgical intervention, they cannot be entirely excluded. Inflammations, bleeding or heavy bruises may occur. Implants may be rejected. The corrected nose may feel temporarily numb.

Nose correction

Wir beraten Sie in einem privaten Gespräch zu Ihrer Nasenkorrektur in DarmstadtYou will get to know during the informative counseling interview in Darmstadt that we mostly operate under general anesthesia. Minor interventions may also be carried out under local anesthesia or in half-sleep.

In most cases all incisions will be invisibly placed underneath the nose. If the nose root has to be narrowed or if the width of the ala has to be minimized, small, tapered skin particles are being removed. Then the incisions will be hid into the natural wrinkles where the ala proceeds into the cheeks. A severely deformed nasal septum may be removed through one nostril in order to be rebuilt and replaced bit by bit during nose correction.

In individual cases necessary implants for the rebuild of the nose are being taken from the cartilage or ear bones, the ribs or extracted from the hips. Moreover, meanwhile also artificial material is being used.

You probably may be able to leave the clinic after a few hours, in very rare cases you have to spend the night. Just like all surgical treatments nose corrections will be carried out in the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic as well, our cooperative partner. It is here where we can access and rely on competency and experience of more than 35,000 interventions that have been carried out there since 1993. If you desire, you may visit the operating room beforehand.

After your nose correction

In Darmstadt we most naturally inform you on the time subsequent to your nose correction.

For post-surgical fixation of tissue a splint on the bridge or a triangular bandage underneath the Tipp of your nose might become necessary. It is common to tamponade after nose corrections, or, due to breathing difficulties, also soft splints are being applied inside the nose.

Tamponades and surgical threads will be removed approximately after three to seven days. A splint generally remains up to one week.

During the first few days after your nose correction you should drastically cut back in your daily routine and sleep with your head in an elevated position. It is absolutely normal that bruises occur around the eye areas and on the cheeks. They usually disappear within one week. You may apply make-up for a few days to conceal them.

Perceptible turgors may last for a few weeks. Minor turgors, mostly at the tip of your nose, may rest for the next few months. But don’t worry, others won’t notice.

As a general rule you will be able to go back to work already after a few days. However, avoid bending down for awhile and do not lift heavy things. Already after three weeks you will be able to pick up your normal activities and even do some light sports. But do not expose yourself to direct sunlight and please use sun blockers.
Your nose will be quite sensitive initially. Wearing your classes may, under some circumstances, only be possible by applying a bandage.

The entire healing process may take up to one year. It is more probable, however, that you will be thrilled by your new reflection already a few weeks after surgery.

We are looking forward to a personal counseling interview with respect to your nose correction in Darmstadt.