Our consultation for your liposuction

LiposuctionBeauty is in the eye of the beholder. As true as it is, still generally accepted and universal aesthetic canons are high ranking. An attractive body is important for many men and women. But despite diets and workout there are persistent problem areas that simply cannot be gotten under control. The annoying fat pads can be effectively tackled with liposuction. This intervention globally is amongst the most frequent aesthetic surgery. Redundant fat will be eliminated by suction at nearly all bodily areas. The risk is small, with hardly any scars left.

Nevertheless: liposuction is always a surgical intervention into the human body, so consultation by expert physicians beforehand is recommended. The team of physicians at the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt will inform you in all detail on a planned liposuction.

Thoroughly informed and individually counseled

During the counseling interviews on liposuction in Darmstadt we put great emphasis in minimizing your risks. In an ideal case you should have reached your personal comfortable weight prior to liposuction.

Our safety principles include to never extract more than four liters of fluids by suction during one day (approx. two liters thereof are pure fat). In addition to that, during surgery we never treat several regions at the same time. The time period between two interventions averages to at least one month.

Performing liposuction

During the counseling interview on liposuction in our premises in Darmstadt we also inform you on the surgeon’s approach. Prior to surgery he indicates the relevant areas on your skin that are being modeled. The cannulas used during surgery consist of up to 24 suction holes. The surgeon directs and moves them into the area of liposuction.

The fat is being extracted and collected from the body by suction by means of an electric pump. In order to ensure a symmetric result, during surgery we constantly keep records on the extracted quantities.

Of course you will also be informed during your personal counseling interview with respect to your liposuction in Darmstadt what steps you will have to take after surgery. During the following four weeks a compression will have to be applied. Due to the pressure, skin and connective tissue can adhere perfectly. After approximately three months the skin is tight again.

Our surgical treatments will be carried out in the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic, our cooperative partner. It is here where we can access and rely on competency and experience of more than 35,000 interventions that have been carried out there since 1993. If you desire, you may visit the operating room beforehand.

We are looking forward to a personal counseling interview with respect to your liposuction in Darmstadt.