InjectionslipolysisTo dissolve excess fat deep under the skin by a simple injection and without painful and risky surgery- what a great idea. Yes this is possible by Lipolysis! This is a method by which localized areas of fat are dissolved by rendering of injections deep under the skin. Lipolysis treatments are the most cost effective, non surgical, aesthetic, fat reducing treatments currently available.

Lipolysis involves injection of a natural medicine under the skin using very small needles. This will cause permenant damage and dissolution of the fat cells. In general 2-4 treatments may be necessary within 8 wks to achieve the best results. Over 80% of patients are very satisfied after only 2-3 treatments and very rarly need any additional treatments. The number of sessions needed is different from person to person. This variation is due to individual responses to the medications as well as the type of fat that is being treated. Soft fat works very well with Lipolysis, while fibrous fat is more difficult to treat with Lipolysis (as it is with liposuction) because more of the fat cells will weaken instead of completely bursting. During the pre-admission consultation, you will be informed as to how many sessions you will need to achieve your desired result. It’s not a question of whether Lipolysis will work, but rather how many treatments it will take to attain a goal in reduction. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour in the office

Lipolysis is may cause only a slight burning sensation during the injections which is natural which renders this procedure anesthetic free. This procedure allows the patients to return to work and daily normal activity after treatment although some rest may be required depending on the location of the body and type of work the patient has. The results of Lipolysis is permenant loss of fat accompanied with proper diet and regular excercise.

Any side effects?
Lipolysis is extremely promising from a safety perspective. The procedure is mild compared to most cosmetic procedures today. There have been no reports to date of severe adverse complications. Usually patients experience soreness, bruising and a mild swelling on the areas treated lasting for about a week. Sometimes the presence of small lumps are felt in the area; these are painless, invisible and temporary. Rare side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, infection, and prolonged bruising.

Success without remorse – Due to professional consultation

The thorough qualifications and experience of our physicians guarantee the adequate and appropriate therapy and selection of candidates. Not every individual is a candidate for Lipolysis and this of coarse will be determined by your physicial in Darmstadt. Get your free-of-charge and noncommittal counseling interview on Injection Lipolysis in Darmstadt. Our experienced foraesthetic physician will advise you on the proper treatment course best suited for you.