Hyperhydrosis therapy (Therapy for excessive sweating)

Hyperhydrosis therapyPlastic surgeons have been using Botox for successful treatment of wrinkles since the nineties. Botox is however also popularly used to treat excessive sweating also known as hyperhydrosis. Such excessive sweating can cause both psychological and physical problems leading to social isolation and emotional trauma. therefore Botox has become a popular treatment among patients that suffer once the option of topical treatments have been exhausted.

Origin of the name Botox

Botox is the common use for the term botulinum toxin A and derives from the Latin words „botulus = sausage“ and „toxin = poison. This toxin is hermetically sealed by bacteria and resulting as bacteria protein, thus it is an extremely efficient and strong ingredient. In a very strong dilution Botox is used for therapeutic purposes and can be applied in various medical areas. If applied in a correct way, Botox does not cause permanent damage.

Cause and effect of Botox with respect to treatment of excessive sweating

With hyperhidrosis Botox typically works by blocking the nerve endings of the sympathetic nervous system that dictates sweat production and thereby controls excessive sweating. Significant reduction in excess sweating is noticible by patients within the first 4 wks after intial treatment which will continue to increase and lasts approximatly 6-8 months.

A Botox treatment in our premises in Darmstadt will significantly reduce excess sweating in a very efficient way.

Success without remorse – due to professional consultation

Our experienced expert physicians in Darmstadt inject Botox by means of an extremely thin needle underneath the skin. This causes barely any pain at all, therefore in most cases no anesthesia or local anesthesia becomes necessary. The treatment only takes a few minutes.

The thorough qualifications and experience of our physicians guarantee the adequate and appropriate treatment and therapy. Botox treatment in Darmstadt will free you from excess sweating and the trauma that you suffer from this condition