Hyaluronen treatment fills up wrinkles from the inside

Hyaluronen TreatmentSmall wrinkles, elasticity loss of the skin as well as tissue atony are the natural consequences of aging. Plastic surgery aims at antagonizing these aging effects.

In our foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt we possess a multitude of effective treatments and methods which minimize the aging effects of the skin. Amongst others, Hyaluronen is perfectly apt to fill the skin from the inside and to thus restore its resilience and elasticity.

Hyaluronen, however, is no debris for the skin, but rather a natural substance generated by the body which most important function is to transport and to bond water. With increasing age the natural Hyaluronen production in the body decreases, with the consequence, that the skin becomes dry and wrinkled.

By means of a Hyaluronen facial injection in Darmstadt we successfully return moisture to your skin and thus regain lost volume and a healthy appearance. We pad noses and the vertical lines around the lips, we soften small and medium wrinkles, we shape the face into soft contours and, if you desire, we help your lips to sensual fullness.

Our Hyaluronen in Darmstadt is crystal clear with gel features. The Hyaluronen gel is applied under the skin or the lips free of pain by injection with an extremely thin needle. By versed massages of the treated area the substance is being modeled and shaped. Not only for that particular reason such injections have to be carried out by the experienced hands of an expert physician operating in the field of plastic surgery.

The long-chain form of the Hyaluronen molecule only decomposes slowly; therefore the result lasts between six and eighteen months. The treatments have the longest effect on small superficial skin folds.

In Darmstadt we exclusively use the American premium substance JUVÉDERM®.

Let us inform you in an individual expert counseling interview on Hyaluronen in Darmstadt on this behalf.