Ultrasonic fat reduction finally also in Darmstadt – the new alternative to liposuction

Ultrasonic fat reductionMany women and meanwhile also men dream of a perfect body. Workout, healthy diets and expensive lotions are not always sufficient to fight against certain problem areas.

After several thousands of successfully completed liposuctions in the premises of the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic, our cooperative partner, we can rely on hand-on experiences. However, the barrier towards surgical treatment still seems to be insuperable for a lot of interested persons.

For almost a year, the foraesthetic LOUNGE offers an absolutely interesting alternative in comparison to the traditional surgical method.

At the end of 2008 and after an extensive period of thorough studies and testing, the expert physicians of the Darmstadt LOUNGE finally approved this method, which, in a modified form, already caught the attention of the US press months earlier. Now the ultrasonic fat reduction finally has reached Darmstadt.

This is how we dissipate your fat deposits

Bundling high and low frequency ultrasonic waves causes the physical effect of cavitations. During the course of the treatment the gases locked into the inside of a fat cell will be directed into a collective implosion. The energy thus created subsequently leads towards the destruction of the fat cell per se. The desired lipid catabolism occurs.

The gentle ultrasonic fat reduction in Darmstadt is almost pain free and is especially adapted for the removal of local fat deposits (thighs, hips, belly).

The treatment takes about 90 minutes and usually has to be repeated on a weekly basis between four to ten times. You do not have any inactive period and can get right back into your daily routine after the ultrasonic fat reduction in Darmstadt. Without the risk of surgery.

Optimal counseling – the basis of every successful consultation

The very high level of satisfaction with respect to completed treatments is not only due to the very intensive counseling interviews and a very meticulously selected choice of patients, all of which is mandatory for each consultation at the foraesthetic LOUNGE.

Get your free-of-charge and noncommittal counseling interview on ultrasonic fat reduction and anti-cellulite treatments in Darmstadt. Our foraesthetic lipologists advise you on which method delivers the best results for you!