Our consultation for your face-lifting

face-liftingIf the gap between the actual age and the perceived age becomes too wide, a face-lifting may be able to turn back the hands of time in order to boost your self-confidence. Face-liftings nowadays stand out by the fact that they are hardly recognized as what they are. An increasing number of men get into face-lifting as well. Because in the working life, a juvenescent appearance more and more becomes a factor of success.

For all individual needs: for the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt face-lifting definitely is a matter of trust and confidence, ensuring results of the highest medical and aesthetic level.

For us, face-lifting is a matter of trust and confidence which starts as early as the consultation

The medical team of the foraesthetic LOUNGE informs and counsels you all in detail individually on your face-lifting in Darmstadt.


If you are a smoker, then you should quit a few weeks prior to face-lifting. Avoid aspirin and other disinflammatory medication also some time prior to your face-lifting. If you have very short hair, you may contemplate to grow them a little longer over a transition period in order to conceal the scars until they’re fully faded and healed. If you are overweight and have in mind to still lose some weight prior to the intervention, then consult with us beforehand.

The techniques – from minor to complete face-lifting

In our premises in Darmstadt we inform you on the various face-lifting techniques that may apply according to the initial situation and according to the desired result. Ranging from mini face-lifting to SMAS face-lifting, from mid face-lifting as well as fibrin-biological face-lifting up to a deep layer face-lifting: in close cooperation with you we elaborate a technique that will enable you to reach your goals and let dreams come true.

Surgery itself – from anesthesia to waking up in professional hands

During our counseling interview in Darmstadt with respect to face-lifting we also inform you in all detail on the course of the surgical intervention.

Case-related the intervention will be carried out either by local anesthesia, half-sleep or by general anesthesia. At a face-lifting most incisions are being positioned behind the hair-line and within the natural contour in front of and behind the ears. According to intervention there might be a small incision underneath the chin. By lateral incisions the surgeon can release the skin from the tissue underneath to the extent necessary for the relevant technique.

After replacing the skin the overage can be removed and the superficial layer of connective tissue can be tightened. By a small incision underneath the chin fat tissue may be removed in this area and emerging muscle strands can be smoothened at the cervix. After the surgery you will be brought into an anesthetic recovery room for further surveillance and accommodation. Many of our face-lifting patients feel amazingly little pain and discomfort after the intervention. While mini face-liftings may be carried out ambulatory, you should take into consideration to stay with us for approximately two days after a complete face-lifting.

Just like all surgical treatments of the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt face-lifting will be carried out in the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic as well, our cooperative partner. It is here where we can access and rely on competency and experience of more than 35,000 interventions that have been carried out there since 1993. If you desire, you may visit the operating room beforehand.

After surgery – the new appearance of your face requires a little bit of patience

Most certainly during your counseling interview in Darmstadt you also will be informed on further steps with respect to face-lifting and what instructions you have to follow afterwards.

As a general rule: the healing process has a different duration for each individual. Please be patient, it may as well take a few months until your new facial features have manifested.

After the face-lifting surgery you definitely should rest and slow down for a few days. Sleep with your head in a higher position in order to enhance the minimization of turgors and effusions. Do not take anticoagulants such as aspirin and do not smoke. After one or two days bandages and drainages are being removed.

Four up to seven days after the face-lifting the stitches and/or braces will be removed and taken out.

Avoid, for the most part, stretching, bending and lifting for quite some time after your face-lifting. In most cases you can get back into your usual activities approximately two weeks after the intervention. You can do your sports after approximately three to four weeks after surgery. In the weeks after the intervention avoid direct sunlight and always protect your face with sun blockers.

We are looking forward to a personal counseling interview with respect to your face-lifting in Darmstadt.