Our consultation for your eyelid tightening

eyelid tightening opens your faceWhen people meet, they look into each other’s eyes. And those say more than 1,000 words. The more radiant and fresh the appearance of the eyes and the eye area is, the more juvenescent and vital we come across. However, the face of both men and women always start aging in the eye area first. Mimic environmental influences and lifestyle yet enhances and accelerates natural aging.

Hooded eyes and distinctive lachrymal sacs are the most vivid visual consequences of such aging process. Eyelid tightening may reverse these unfavorable signs of the times.

Upon the treatment excess eyelid skin as well as fat tissue is being removed in the area of the upper and lower eyelids. The mature methods of aesthetic surgery enable maximum effects by minimal risk and effort.

The foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt stands for a professional performance of eyelid tightening that makes you look rejuvenated in a very natural way without causing visual scars.

In the beginning there is personal consultation

The medical team of the foraesthetic LOUNGE informs and counsels you in all detail on your intended eyelid tightening in Darmstadt. The eyelid tightening takes place mostly under local anesthetic and takes approximately 1.5 hours. The intervention may be carried out ambulant or inpatient.

As a rule in a first attempt the upper lids followed by the lower lids are being corrected. If necessary it might be advisable to combine the intervention with an eyebrow lifting in order to optimize the result. The incisions are being performed on the inside of the eyelid crease along the upper eyelid as well as along the lower section of the lower eyelid. The surgeon separates the skin from the muscles underneath and removes fat pads as well as excess skin. If, however, only fat depositions have to be removed in the lower eyelid area and no skin, the eyelid correction may be carried out by incisions into the inner lid conjunctiva (transconjunctivally).

After surgery

Of course, during your personal counseling interview with respect to eyelid tightening in Darmstadt you will receive all information on what to expect after surgery and what next steps can be taken:
After four to five days the stitches are taken out. The turgors and effusions usually vanish quite quickly all by themselves. Most of our patients can go back into their jobs after ten days. Avoid exhaustive physical workout for up to two weeks after the eyelid tightening that might increase your blood pressure as well as exposure to strong sunlight.

Just like all surgical treatments of the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt eyelid tightening will be carried out in the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic as well, our cooperative partner. It is here where we can access and rely on competency and experience of more than 35,000 interventions that have been carried out there since 1993. If you desire, you may visit the operating room beforehand.

We are looking forward to a personal counselling interview with respect to your eyelid tightening in Darmstadt.