Our consultation in Darmstadt for your breast enlargement

breast-enlargementgAlmost every woman dreams of a perfect, well-formed breast. But nature has not blessed every woman in this aspect – many slender and sportive women suffer from their flat breast and dream of breast enlargement. Other reasons for this desire may also be sagging breasts after a pregnancy, asymmetric breasts or removal due to breast cancer.

By breast enlargement we help nature by giving women a little bit more self-confidence. As much sensitive this issue, as much sensitive our counseling interviews with respect to breast enlargement in Darmstadt.

Highest demands on aesthetics

Your personal consultation in Darmstadt with respect to your breast enlargement is not about simply enlarging your breast, but moreover to adapt your breast in the outmost way to the proportions of your body.

An intervention with silicon implants can generally enlarge the breast for at least one cup size. If the breast droops to a great extent, an additional tightening might become necessary. The rule for every individual case is: the treatment has to absolutely take into consideration the initial situation, which is mandatory and of outmost importance for every further step to be taken.
Starting with the most appropriate implant type, the form of the breast up to anesthesia and the general risks: our specialists counsel and consult with you all possible aspects of your breast enlargement in Darmstadt.

All surgical treatments will be carried out in the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic as well, our cooperative partner. It is here where we can access and rely on competency and experience of more than 35,000 interventions that have been carried out there since 1993. If you desire, you may visit the operating room beforehand.

We are looking forward to a personal counseling interview with respect to your breast enlargement in Darmstadt.