Botox treatment in Darmstadt – wrinkle-free for months

Botox TreatmentSince the nineties Botox is being used in plastic surgery as an effective remedy against wrinkles. Botox treatments are considered to be the most popular therapy with respect to smoothing wrinkles.

Origin of the name Botox

Botox is the common use for the term botulinum toxin A and derives from the Latin words „botulus = sausage“ and „toxin = poison“. Formed hermetically sealed by bacteria and resulting as bacteria protein, thus it is an extremely efficient and strong ingredient.

In a very strong dilution Botox is used for therapeutic purposes and can be applied in various medical areas.

If applied in a correct way, Botox does not cause permanent damages.

Cause and effect of Botox with respect to anti-wrinkle treatments

Bei einer Botox Behandlung in Darmstadt sind Sie bei uns in den richtigen HändenStimuli normally are being transferred from the nerves onto the muscles. After the injection Botox blocks nerve impulses in a very well-directed way and the facial muscles affected, as a consequence, cannot contract just as they did before. In doing so, however, Botox does not entirely paralyze the facial muscles, but rather causes an intensive sensation of relaxation. There will be no negative impact on the sense of touch and feel. A Botox treatment in our premises in Darmstadt may reduce and minimize wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead as well as around the mouth in a very efficient way.

Success without remorse – due to professional consultation

Our experienced expert physicians in Darmstadt inject Botox by means of an extremely thin needle underneath the skin. This causes no pain at all, therefore no anesthesia or local anesthesia becomes necessary. The treatment only takes a few minutes.

The thorough qualifications and experiences of our physicians guarantee the adequate and appropriate treatment and therapy. Botox treatments in Darmstadt exclusively smooth your wrinkles – by maintaining your mimic.

The effects of Botox last for approximately half a year, after that your nerves have rebuilt themselves again – and new treatments in Darmstadt are feasible.

Let us inform you in a personal and free-of-charge counseling interview in Darmstadt on all possibilities Botox offers.