Hair transplant – new growth of your own hair on bold parts guaranteed

hair transplantFull hair. For men and women likewise an eye-catcher and a symbol of health and attractiveness. But particularly men very often are affected already in their young years by hair loss by hormonal defect. Growing oxbow lines or increasing bald patches very often lower the quality of life or even your self-confidence.

Alopecia areata and diffuse alopecia may affect both men and women.

However, hair loss is not fate. In all cases hair transplant helps – we inform and counsel you on this behalf at the foraesthetic LOUNGE in Darmstadt. We exclusively transplant your own innate hair. The body acknowledges the implants as its own and won’t reject them – a major prerequisite for an enduring growth of new hair.

The chaplet as donor

Upon hair transplant in Darmstadt we offer our patients a multitude of methods that are all based on the principle of hair reallocation from the chaplet onto the bald areas. The variant most often used is that of follicular unit hair transplant.

This proves promising as long as there is the natural chaplet. Research results show that the chaplet almost never is affected from alopecia. Thus after the reallocation of hair roots from the chaplet onto the bald areas nothing will hinder a normal and natural growth of hair.

We will explain this process in all detail during our counseling interview with respect to your hair transplant in Darmstadt:

During the follicular unit hair transplant to begin with, we extract an oblong oval shaved-off skin part from the back of the head. The incision will be sutured immediately. This minor intervention is absolutely pain-free due to prior local anesthesia.

Now we’re segmenting this skin part including the hair root into tiny little pieces (grafts). The micro transplants (one graft may consist of one to four hair including hair root) now will be reallocated by help of tweezers into tiny little incisions (slits) into the forehead area, the upper head as well as into the back of the head. By means of Fibrin, an innate bodily adhesive they remain firmly in its place. Per consultation we are thus able to transplant 3,000 up to 5,000 hairs.

Guarantee, as long as there is the chaplet

With respect to a hair transplant recommended by us in Darmstadt we give you a written guarantee that the transplants will produce hairs for a lifetime, as long as there is the chaplet.

We are looking forward to a personal counseling interview with respect to your hair transplant in Darmstadt.